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by liquid audio

Here is a selection of my songs and instrumentals.


I have been writing and producing music for a number of years, combining live instrumentation and electronic elements.  


I love working on a wide variety of styles, with a wide variety of collaborators. 

You will hear styles including Pop, Soul, Hip-hop, Rock and Electronic music and a broad range of emotions and colours. 

I have included a brief description of each track so you can have a look around and see what I can do.

Hope you enjoy!

a funky modern pop tune featuring soulful female vocalist

a bluesy stomp clap ode to keeping on keeping on

a laid back old-school hip-hop track with warm, fuzzy vibes

an uplifting indie pop tune, with energetic live elements

a lazy bedroom pop sonnet to a lover-to-be

a soulful hip-hop joint laced with silky smooth vocals

a soulful hip-hop joint laced with silky smooth vocals

an energetic slice of string-laden UK garage pop

a wonky electronic ballad decrying a last chance at love

funky fat bass and rock band rhythm hits made to motivate 

a moody introspective alt-pop ballad for a distant soul

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