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A Brief History Of This Project

So far I have been reading lots by Dr Joe Bennett, The KLF guys and much more. You can get a feel for this project by looking through the development of this website so far. I have done a presentation on the project for my tutors and some initial feedback is that I should angle it towards an academic assessment of quality control processes. This I will pursue! I have started some initial writing and two examples can be heard on the website so far:

A Thousand Ways To Want You shows some initial vocal ideas from 3 of my favourite session singers

Attention is a funky little instrumental loop inspired by Charlie Puth's 'Attention' and 'Sexual' by NEIKED ft Dyo

This week I will be contacting programmers, mix engineers and musicians I want to work with as well as compiling ideas on people who will review my work!

Hope you enjoy the tracks so far!

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