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Top Top-Lines & Processes.

My top-liners have been hard at work again. I need to introduce you to Anna, Kelvin & James. More details to follow on these guys but once again they have fired back lots of excellent melodies. At this stage I am looking for hooks and I have already started to pick the bits I love out. Next step is me trying to arrange lots of 'bits' into something solid that I will expand into a song.

Interesting that my initial 'stimuli' sent to the top-liners, have come back at me as further 'stimuli' (from Joe Bennett's writing on the processes evident in collaborative writing). I have evidence now of stimulus and approval (the top-liners chose from 4 loops - I chose the bits I liked from the melodies they wrote) so i will now move onto adaption and consensus. My adaptions are what I will send back to the top-liners - a more cohesive song structure. Consensus - I hope they will approve of my adaptions, but more importantly consensus and approval will feature strongly in my Quality Control processes which will feature in this writing method. While my thoughts are unfurling I will question what denotes quality or rather what are my success criteria?


Broad appeal?

Commercial viability?

Musical Credibility?

Well that's the beginning of a new train of thought but as this flowchart proves the quality control system needs to be present throughout this creative process - mmmm. Pizza.

Well that's about it for today except to say that production legend Phil Harding has come on-board to give feedback on both on creative output and and underlying processes! Whoop. Thanks Phil!

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