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Lots To Talk About

A few days of talking and developing ideas with the excellent academics Dr Steve Parker and Dr Tom Attah has given me lots of food for though....

1) Quality Control - I will attempt to get to the bottom of the processes employed at Motown & PWL. Some research for this includes watching the film Standing In The Shadows Of Motown and reading Phil Harding's PWL From The Factory Floor.

2) Psychology - I will attempt to understand what really sells a song to a listener starting with an experiment on a particular demographic - KIDS! Yes the ones that current pop is really aimed at! Today I will play a few games to see how a mixed gender group of 2-7 year olds react to my work in progress!

Also hoping to talk to another top-liner today and having lined up a session with a further singer. I will compare remote writing with face-to-face writing to see the difference in process and success levels. I will also begin to make a plan to delegate tasks to programmers and musicians!

I have composed an initial email to send out to publishers so things are starting to take shape. Exciting times ahead!

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