I've been away from the blog for about a week but so much has happened. This is just a quick update and breakdowns of each development will be posted as separate blogs!

So here we go...

1) Dancing Competition I went to visit my family and managed to run a little experiment with the help of my daughters and their cousins. I essentially wanted to gauge the reaction of a young audience to my tracks in progress! Some useful observations and results here were obtained!

2) Track For TV Show Pilot I became involved in the completion of a track composed by Dr Tom Attah for a pilot of a vegan cookery programme called Just Good Food. I provided live bass, mix and re-programmed the drums.

3) New Top-Liners, New Approaches I have been working with top-liner Sharon Stacy how is an experienced vocalist and vocal coach. Her soulful style was perfect for a funky disco track I have had for a while and I will post the results on here shortly. Emma Stakes is a highly experienced top-liner who is currently working as A&R and vocal coach for The X-Factor. We have written together in the past and are hoping to write a track from scratch. Hoping to nail a date down soon.

4) Producer Feedback Neil Treppas is a writer, producer and engineer who I have worked with in the past (he did live sound for my band on a number of occasions). He has worked on many successful records in various capacities and is happy to feed back on my tracks.

5) Production Collaborators I am starting to farm work towards my tracks to various programmers and mixers including Jez Willis (Utah Saints), Mikey Howe, Chris Marsh & Tim Speight (PWL, Ministry Of Sound). Looking forward to some results here!

6) Lyrics I have been tweaking track lyrics for the remotely written tracks. As there was always a title sent out to top-liners with the backing track, there is some coherency in the lyrics that came back but I have had to alter them to fully make sense. This is something I am pretty confident with having done plenty of this sort of thing in the past so hopefully these are going to work out well!