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Ok those breakdowns promised in the previous post might have to wait. Lots has happened since I made commitments to elaborate in yesterday's blog. I think from here I will be giving daily updates as I imagine that the next month is going to get crazy.

Recently I have started to send out complete versions of tracks to top-liners for final versions of vocals. I have selected a singer to be the main vocalist for most of the tracks now (one being a duet) and am hoping to have main vocals mostly recorded by the time I get back from my hols! I also have been sending out various versions of the track to programmers and musicians. I feel incredibly confident at the moment in my selection of musicians for this project and am ready to see how these songs can come alive. I have yet to fully engage my programmers and am trying to select tracks that inspire them. I am waiting for some drum and synth parts now and am yet to delegate other tasks.

Today has been quite social media oriented! I have tweaked my Soundcloud (rumour has it that Soundcloud is on its way out of commission but admittedly this is hearsay) and created a Facebook page, both of which have links on the website. I want to try and engage with a social media audience on Soundcloud (or other) while I'm on 'holiday' as I think this would be valid feedback from a certain community of musicians and listeners. Also this type of 'cold' feedback might be more informative as opposed to that of friends, family and peers!

I will be meeting tomorrow with Richard Formby (producer for Wild Beasts, Darkstar Ghostpoet, Pigeon Detectives) to discuss my project. I hope to use this session to refocus my academic context, as I am currently so immersed in the writing/production process that I am unsure how relevant my work is to what I am supposed to be investigating. Admittedly my focus currently, is to get my 'product' ready to receive feedback from a broad range of critics form music professionals to casual listeners.

Time to say goodnight, and as a little footnote I want to talk about my track That Thing with Shaz Stacey, recorded only a few days ago. The track is now live on the website player and so far has had positive reviews. It is much more complete than anything else I have at the moment as the track was almost complete when I recorded the Vocal. Please listen and enjoy!

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