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Getting It Together

So many things going on now! Today has been mostly spent preparing and sending stems with instructions to various musicians and programmers etc. Just got a synth part back all the way from Utah USA as I write this blog post courtesy of multi-instrumentalist Mike McLellan - sounds excellent too!

More social media today too. I have set up a BBC introducing page and tried & failed to set up a new YouTube site. Me and YouTube don't get along! Soundcloud thankfully remains as a viable platform for the foreseeable future with a $169 million investment!

As I get ready to hit the beaches of Spain for a week I was hoping to leave lots of tasks for musicians and programmers but a few problems are revealing themselves.

1) When you use good people they are busy and when you're not paying....they are usually busy elsewhere!

2) When you try to get stuff done at short notice in peak holiday season - LOTS OF PEOPLE ARE ON HOLIDAY!

Still I feel positive and have set myself the tasks of wild social media proliferation and developing the website whilst under the influence of fine Rioja and sun!

Work In progress tracks will be going on the Soundcloud page so if you are a Soundcloud user please like, comment etc!

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