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Backing Vocals

Had the pleasure of working with Shaz Stacey again yesterday. Some really tight, lovely backing vocals that will blend into the excellent lead vocals I already have and give real weight and presence to everything. Looking forward to speaking to Tim 'Spag' Speight today - a real master of the mix who worked with Pete Waterman in the 90s and also for Ministry of sound. It is interesting that both Tim and Phil Harding, who worked with Pete Waterman in different decades of his music industry dominance, both share a healthy interest in dance music. The method documented in The Manual (the KLF) suggests that a groove steeped in current dance music trends is essential to chart success but I digress...

I hope to discuss with Tim options to quickly take my tracks to a presentable level and get feedback on them from my contributors so I am able to bring my project to some sort of academic conclusion! I will continue to develop these tracks and this method after I have completed my MA as I am completely in love with what I have achieved!

You will hopefully hear versions of the tracks within the next few days so I will keep you all posted!

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