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Game Plan

Rather than bemoaning my lack of finished tracks I am going to finish some tracks.....SIMPLE!


Over the last few days I have taken to bothering a number of people - in the nicest possible way of course! I have recruited Jim Phillips to record me a guitar lick or 2 for Mamacita. Jim is a guitarist with whom I first began to take my early steps towards becoming a pro musician and we have recently got back in touch via the wonder of social media so can't wait to hear his ideas! Anna Jaichner is on the case with final vocals for Mamacita too. With all these things beginning to come together I am hard at work bouncing final stems to complete mix work with Chris Marsh & Tim Speight on Wednesday!

I had had in mind a number of other fanciful ideas such as live drums but am having to draw a line under these, at least until I have completed this MA project!

So now I have stems for Controversial & You Got Me. Tomorrow I need to create stems for the Mamacita BVs and hope to receive the female lead for this duet! I may throw out 1000 Ways To Want You as a Mix/Re-mix project for any takers but I am into paperwork and maybe some social media tomorrow....TO BED!!

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